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State Teachers Retirement System (STRS Ohio)

This is where your retirement begins.

We have local offices and representatives in Toledo and Columbus Ohio to service your Ohio State Teacher Retirement.

If you weren't able to attend our presentation at the 2009 North Eastern Ohio Education Association Mega Conference our or at The National Education Association presentation in Holland, Ohio, then request the report below to find out the little known information that what you missed.

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There are three main options you will want to consider for your Ohio State Teacher Retirement. First, you can roll over all of your Ohio STRS retirement account(s) to an IRA. This is good for people who want to have control of their own finanical future. Second, you can take a monthly retirement income from the State. This is good for people who make to make little investment decisions and simply would like a monthly income. Third, you can take the Partial Lump Sum Option Plan. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. This is great for people who would like to combine the two previous options.

Be sure you select carefully as your choice is irrevocable!

Rolling over your money into an IRA plan will give you greater control over your retirement future. Yet, with control comes responsibility. You must be responsible for your own financial future and we recommend that you seek the guidance of an Independent Investment Professional to help you create a detailed plan of action.

A self directed IRA plan will also give you a lump sum amount of money that you can use for unforeseen expenses in the future. There are many reasons you will need an emergency account in the future.

Your family or loved ones may benefit for your IRA account. You can name a variety of beneficiaries to your retirement account and when you pass away your money can transfer to your loved ones. The Ohio STRS program may only provide income to your loved ones for a set period of time or only to your spouse.

I would recommend that you look at all of your options. Go and get counseling from the State and find out your options are. Then meet with an Independent Investment Professional and review your options outside of the State. Then from there you can make an educated decision as to which plan will provide you and your family with the most benefits.

To get a free consultation with our Firm, simply contact us.

Over the years, Nolan has worked with retirement planning STRS, State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio. The new rules will have an impact on your retirement options. Is Revenue Ruling 90-24 transfer, good for bad for your future? Working hard to help Ohio Teachers he offers financial planning for retirement in Ohio, but also hold licenses in a variety of other states. If you are in Michigan planning retirement, you should also consider Nolan. His office is located in Toledo, Ohio and if you are a Michagan State Employee with early retirement he can help as well. Early retirement of state employees in Michigan should consider working with somone who specializes. For the past 5 years, Nolan has gotten more focused on helping state employees and working to help others with Michigan Teachers Retirement.

Are you in the Ohio STRS Retirement Red Zone?

The decisions you make with your retirement are irrevocable. Be sure to talk to Nolan about the Partial Lump Sum Option before you sign your Ohio retirement rollover paperwork.

Get your questions answered fast, if you are an employee of the Ohio Retirement School System. Don't wait, get advice right now.

The Ohio STRS Retirement Red Zone is the five years prior to your retirement and the five years after your retirement. The decisions you make during this time frame are crucial to the success of your Ohio State Teachers Retirement System. Will your make a retirement mistake that could cost you thousands? Request your free STRS Independent Portfolio Analysis by completing the Request Information section on the right. Here is what you get:

1. An Asset Cycle System to show you how to position your assets for maximum efficiency in retirement.

2. You get a free Ulcer Index to find out how much risk you are taking in your current account, how much can you afford to lose?

3. A cost reduction plan is also included to reduce the expense ratio in your investment account.

4. Plus as an added bonus, you will get access to an online financial plan that will project your current retirement plans.

Looking for an Ohio STRS Calculator? Let us do the work for you by completing the Request Information section on the right or do it yourself at

Are you considering rolling over your State Teachers 403B Retirement Account? The reasons to consider this option are to look for ways to reduce the fees and expenses on your account and to try and develop a customized plan that meets your needs. This is where our firm can help.

We provide a comprehensive approach to helping you roll over your 403B plan. Through our diversification in our Asset Cycle System, you will have a good understanding of the purpose, risk, and potential returns of your account. We are independent and work for our clients and not for one investment company.

I would recommend that you first have our firm provide you with an Independent Portfolio Analysis, so you have a good understanding of your current account.

Then we can work with you to develop a customized plan that is designed to help you reach your future financial goals.

We will then provide you with a set of recommendations so you can make an educated decision as to the value of working with our company.

If this sounds fair enough, then I would encourage you to contact us.

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